New and Noteworthy Seeds

Expand your gardening horizons with these proven varieties, all new to our catalog in 2023!

New for 2023 from the SSE Collection!

A delicious tomato stewarded by a single family for more than 100 years, a mid-season corn that earned top marks for flavor, a remarkable and fast-growing butterhead lettuce, a lima bean that dates back to at least the 1860s, and an asparagus that has graced Diane’s Garden at Heritage Farm for decades. These are just some of the 11 “From the Collection” varieties that Seed Savers Exchange is proud to introduce in 2023. We hope that you are as excited to try them as we are to offer them!

All of these cherished, open-pollinated varieties were entrusted to SSE for preservation in our seed bank collection to ensure they are protected and available for generations to come. These varieties are meant to be grown, shared, and enjoyed. We hope you will expand your garden and introduce some or all of these new varieties alongside your usual favorites.