Business Membership

Your business membership will model community engagement, provide volunteer opportunities that support health and wellness, and so much more. We offer you the opportunity to join at one of two business membership levels. Join today.

Membership Perks

Quarterly Member Magazine

The Heritage Farm Companion membership magazine is filled with stories from the Seed Savers Exchange community, gardening and seed-saving advice, news, and more.

Take Part—Become a Citizen Scientist!

Members are invited to participate in our Citizen Science Corps program and grow out and evaluate varieties from our collection in collaboration with our Preservation team. This valuable contribution from members helps us better understand and care for the varieties in our collection.

Reciprocal Admissions Program

Enjoy free or reduced admission to gardens, arboreta, and conservatories through the American Horticultural Society with your Seed Savers Exchange membership card. Learn more

Reciprocal Admissions Program 2023

Virtual Membership Meet-Ups

Grow your network with virtual member meet-ups! Connect with gardeners across North America and share the good, the bad, and the funny from your garden. Each meet-up will feature a Seed Savers Exchange expert, plus a chance to meet other active members in your region and beyond.

Swap Seeds

Share and exchange seeds with other gardeners on the Exchange. (The Exchange is open to everyone. The printed, annual Yearbook is a print directory of seeds on the Exchange and is available to $50+ members upon request.)

Member-Exclusive Seeds

New and returning business members can choose to participate in SSE's Member Growing Club and receive free exclusive variety seeds to grow and evaluate on the Sustaining Membership form.

As a Business Member, You Can Promote:

couple at tomato tasting event

Community Engagement

Your support as a business member shows commitment to a community that reaches beyond your place of work to do good.

man in plaid shirt with straw hat and laptop

Volunteer Opportunities

Seed Savers Exchange welcomes volunteer groups to assist with our seed donation program and other tasks around the farm.

hands holding tomatoes

Health and Wellness

As a business member, you have the opportunity to receive free seeds to share with staff and promote growing your own food.

Membership Perks

$250 Business Member$100 Business Member
Special Farm Tour of Heritage Farm.X
Listing in the annual Seed Savers Exchange print and online Gratitude Report.XX
VIP Event Tickets to select Seed Savers Exchange events.X (4 per event)X (2 per event)
Volunteer OpportunitiesXX
Copies of the Heritage Farm Companion membership magazine filled with stories from the Seed Savers Exchange community, gardening and seed-saving advice, news, and more.X (4 copies)X (2 copies)
Member-Exclusive Seeds! Receive free seeds from our seed bank via our Member Growing Club, just for being a member.XX
Business Member Appreciation Event: As our thanks for being a business member, you, your employees, and your families can enjoy a special appreciation event each year. Held at our Lillian Goldman Visitor Center at Heritage Farm, there will be 10% off shopping, complimentary food and beverages, and a brief presentation with Q & A.XX

Seed Savers Exchange is grateful to the businesses and organizations that support our work as members. We are pleased to visibly recognize this support, and let our community know that you share their love of heirloom seeds and healthy, beautiful, delicious food.

If you have questions or would like to visit with someone before becoming a Seed Savers Exchange business member, please contact:

Cindy Goodner

Director of Development
(563) 387-5670

Abe Mendez

Membership Coordinator
(563) 387-5640